We’re proud to supply the best quality gasoline jerry cans on the market. Our cans are self venting, and include caps and spouts to make them as easy to use as possible. Our cans meet all required standards in Canada, USA and beyond, and come in many different sizes.

USA approved CARB Cans
1 1/4.Gal / 5L Gas Can
2 1/2 Gal./ 10 L Gas Can
5 Gal./ 20 L Gas Can

Gasoline Jerry Cans
11/4 Gal./ 5 L Gas Can
2 1/5 Gal./ 10 L Gas Can
5 Gal./ 18.8 L Gas Can
5.3 Gal./ 20 L Gas Can
6.6 Gal./ 25 L Gas Can
Made from HDPE. Self Venting